🛣️ Roadmap

Some of the cool stuff looking to be added to the site (no promises!). If you have additional ideas, tag @hexgeta with your ideas in the public Telegram.


New pages

  • Pooled vs solo stakes compare page

  • Historic ended stakes page

  • Gas page

  • Calendar page

  • Eth vs PLS gas page

  • Leagues page

  • Buy page

  • Docs

    • Details on each page

  • Projections

Table Statistics

  • Supply burned

  • Calc: APY $

  • Finalise Hedron multiplier for Maxi

  • Liquidity stats

  • T-share days (still something to think about here)

  • Make ETH token holder count dynamic - blocked

  • Add Team earnings stats from each token

  • Diamond Hands holder stats




  • Time-Series arbs for each pair


  • APY chart which is accurate on x-axis

  • APY for minters that sell today

  • 2nd chart shows APY with APY % decline

    • Apy/t-share rate loss projections in sheets

    • Create charts


  • COM leagues

  • Make tables for t-share leagues comparing stake pools vs solo in separate tables for each token

  • Sort rate limiting issue on pulling pToken holders with PulseChain API

    • Holder counts for wrapped eTokens on Pulsechain - blocked

    • Weekly Δ Change in Holder count for each token - blocked




  • Add other tokens to buy

    • Team

    • Poly

Projection Charts

Similar to current discount charts, but just going all the way out to redemption.


  • Get models from Crispy:

    • payout

    • t-share rate

  • Project out:

    • daily payout col

    • t-share rate

  • Create Backing column

Data Quality

  • Check the exact daily payout used for stake day 1

  • Double check staked days so far isn't off by 1

  • Double check current liquidity pairs are the most liquid for daily price tracking

  • Change the daily payout figure used for projections from today to a rolling 90-day average to avoid random spikes in projected APY & other projected metrics just because of a random high payout day.


  • Improve the stability of site:

    • Dexscreener price fetch sometimes hangs

    • Import ranges sometimes don't refresh


  • Add sticky headers for easier comparison

  • Light/Dark Mode (charts.js stuff)

  • Fix how PLS charts appear on mobile❗

  • Fix discount chart shade to be colored

  • Improve hover on charts

Pool Party



  • 1 cell calcs ready for main metrics

    • Cost/t-share

    • APY HEX

    • APY $

      • HEX calc

      • HDRN calc

      • COM calc

  • Price tracking

    • script is ready

    • needs to be scheduled to start

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