⚔️ Overview

LookIntoMaxi details statistics on the HEX-related products from Maximus.

It's an independent site built by @hegeta, a Maximus community member & Hexican!

The hope is that these stats shine a light on the myriad ways of valuing these awesome assets.

Allowing users to be as informed as possible about the assets that they decide to hold and trade.

Stake Periods

Each pool token is backed by a HEX stake of different length:

  • MAXI: 15 years

  • DECI: 10 years

  • LUCKY: 7 years

  • TRIO: 3 years

  • BASE: 1 year

This, combined with many other stake variables like:

  • Staked HEX Principle

  • T-share Rate at stake start

  • Daily payouts during the stake

and market conditions like:

  • Liquidity

  • General sentiment

  • Holder distribution

all come together to give each token, on each chain, its own unique set of statistics.


Nearly every page contains a toggle to switch between stats for Ethereum & PulseChain.

Since the launch of PulseChain (a fork of Ethereum) all of the Maximus tokens were copied over to PulseChain.

So now, we have two sets of tokens.

One on Ethereum and one on PulseChain, each backed by separate stakes.

Naming Conversions

PulseChain vs Ethereum

To differentiate between these tokens the site explicitly includes the prefix p or e before the token ticker.

For example:

  • For DECI on PulseChain, pDECI is used

  • For LUCKY on Ethereum, eLUCKY is used


Emojis are also used to represent each token:

  • MAXI: Ⓜ️

  • DECI: 🛡️

  • LUCKY: 🍀

  • TRIO: 🎲

  • BASE: 🟠

Stake Period

The site occasionally uses a numerical suffix after the ticker symbol to indicate the stake period that that ticker represents (e.g. 1, 2, 3..)

For example:

eBASE1 = Ethereum Base, stake period 1 eBASE2 = Ethereum Base, stake period 2

You will currently only see this notation for BASE, as it's the only pool token that has been through more than one stake cycle.

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